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Happy B-Day, American Independence! Look What We Got for You!

I’ve been pretty serious in the last couple posts so I’m gonna keep this markedly light and airy. But it is still the fourth of July so I shall bring to you… political comedy via Russell Brand. I’ve watched this video at least ten times because I have a thing with news anchors getting super uncomfortable and not knowing what to do. I’d watch the Jon Stewart Crossfire interview just everyday if that were socially acceptable. So what better way to celebrate our independence than by watching how far we have come?

Favorite quote in video: Is this what you all do for a living? Are these your trusted anchors?

I don’t know what tone you are setting when you introduce your guest by saying, “I guess he’s a big deal…I’m told this but I’m not very pop culture, I’m sorry,” but it’s definitely not a positive one. Also, is it not a host’s job to learn about the guest they are interviewing? Twilight zone crazy, people. I’m pretty sure we just witnessed Mika’s complete emotional breakdown.

In all seriousness though, the media is sometimes insane. Bill O’Reilly often falls in the “wait, you graduated from elementary school?” category. Last night I watched an interview with Dennis Miller on his show — I watch Bill O’Reilly when I want to remind myself that life could be a lot worse. After watching this video, I imagine that Dennis Miller’s spirit animal is a hyena.

So, thanks founding fathers, for giving us the complete freedom to be unabashed, ill-informed idiots on television while calling ourselves news anchors, and getting paid more than most of the American public. We’ve used that freedom so well. And who knew Russell Brand was so well-spoken?