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meeeeeMy name is Aly. When I was in sixth grade I was chosen to go on a field trip for gifted girls in science, due to an excessive interest in the structure of a human cell that turned out merely to be an enthusiasm for interior design–we were allowed to decorate the class room with neon saran wrap  to resemble the inner workings of a cell and I had been dreaming of purple walls for months. You could say it was all downhill from there.

About the Blog

If you’re one of those people who gets everything right the first time then I don’t want to hear from you. I was the kid in class who always asked for a second sheet of paper to start over on. If my life were a television show — and I often think it is — I would be known for my outtakes. And also being impatient. I thought recently that the only reason I hated waiting is because I know how little time there is and I don’t want to waste it, which made me think of how much time I waste complaining about waiting.).

I like to write about observations, failed attempts at adulthood, being an honestly hilarious feminist, shows that I love and hate to love. I enjoy watching television because it’s what I grew up doing. I’m Gen Y! I had a television in my room since age six. Before that, I fell asleep listening to a loop of the Kidselebration personalized name tapes. Do you wish that you could be a guest on Troy and Abed in the Morning? I do, too. 

Here’s blogging at you (from behind what have been described as “L.A. trendy” bangs from someone who has been to L.A.),



*Disclaimer: I reserve the right to be unfunny at any and all times (thanks for putting up with me).

Click here to see what I’m doing all the time and to see be funny in videos.

26 responses to “About

  1. I enjoy your fresh and funny writing!

  2. I just came across your blog, and I absolutely love it! I can’t wait to read more! (:

  3. Apologies for the stalking that is about to occur…..

  4. Dettie AdLife

    Randomly came across this blog. Pretty funny. I’d come back.

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  6. So glad you took a moment to comment on my blog so that I could come check out yours! Followed, and looking forward to MORE!

  7. I wish I were as funny as you, so that I could hang with you & mindy while shopping for the perfect pair of zipper gucci pants. Tell her hello for me!

    • That’s totally flattering, thank you! And I think we’re all just going through life, constantly looking for the perfect pair of gucci pants. If I ever do see Mindy, I’ll tell her hi for the both of us.

  8. Who is Mindy Kaling and please don’t hate me for not knowing. I’m old and not “in the loop” anymore.

    • I could never hate you. Mindy Kaling was the character of Kelly Kapoor on The Office along with writing and producing most episodes. She now produces/writes/stars in The Mindy Project on Fox. And I can be your “in the loop” person from now on if you’d like.

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  10. Ohhh wow, I laughed so much at this, awesome about page! 😀

  11. I also want to be on Troy and Abed in the morning. But I would be too boring for them. But I could be a teacher at Glendale. You know, super bad at teaching?

  12. Pride & Prejudice is dadblamery, isn’t it?

  13. Can’t wait to meet you at Blogger Interactive!

    • I’m currently out of commission on my couch and wishing I was listening to the guest speakers at Blogger Interactive! I’m hoping I regain enough semblance of health to make it to the send off tonight! Not a happy camper right now.

  14. Fun about page! Can tell that it’s very authentic! 🙂 🙂

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  16. I have a Troy & Abed in the morning mug. Do you? I think you should.
    I’m going to start internet stalking you now because you are cool.

  17. I’m giving you my validictation speech, which in some circles has been known to offer complete validation for life choices. I’m not sure about the other circles, because I’m not in them. But here it goes:

    To Aly — Consider yourself validated; because no one else’s really matters.

    Looking forward to following you stuff 😉

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