Cute Dogs, Contests, and Prizes, Oh My!

Hello redoers (yes, yes, that’s what I’m calling you from now on) in the middle of writing you a brilliantly entertaining review of that time I went out and got drunk off a margarita and a half, I realized I haven’t giving you anything recently (besides my relentlessly graceful wit). I also realized I haven’t bragged to you about how amazingly adorable my prince pup, Tengo is. So here’s our chance!

Now introducing the first annual Prince Tengo Caption contest! Can you feel the excitement? The anticipation? It’s pungent (most likely because Tengo hasn’t taken a bath in a while).

ninjastarI’m going to provide you with a picture of Tengo in one of his princely positions and the winner will receive — wait for it — the intricately crafted colorful ninja star from the first installment of What’s In My Purse as well as some of my official US Postal Service Junior Postmaster stickers (and of course, a personalized note from yours truly which, let’s face it, will someday be worth a lot more than we think)!

A little bit of background for creativity sake: Tengo has long battled his nemesis, Mirror Tengo (the dog living inside the mirrored sliding doors of our closet), upon realizing, however, that Tengo can go behind the other side of the mirror, Tengo revealed his true self:

tengo's eyes


  • The funniest, cleverest caption will win. Make me and Tengo laugh (it’s been a long week).
  • Winner(s) will be announced Friday, August 2nd.
  • Enter your caption by commenting on this post.
  • Feel free to campaign for your favorite caption through comments as well.
  • Enter as many captions as you want!
  • Entertain me, please, I’m asking very nicely.
  • Email me at with any questions
  • Andddddd…. caption!

9 responses to “Cute Dogs, Contests, and Prizes, Oh My!

  1. Dettie AdLife


  2. No I haven’t been chasing squirrels down by the nuclear power plant. Why would you think that?

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  4. Am I hiding under a dress… or using my x-ray vision to peek under yours, That’s the real question.

  5. Look into my eyes… You will now throw the cat out and lock the door. Next you will… SQUIRREL!

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