14 Signs You Are Prematurely Aging

1). You have gray hairs in your bangs and your friends will admit they see them too.

2). You substitute doing actual crunches for a modified water crunch.

3). You complain about old lady diseases like having bunions or arthritis.

4). You use things called “toe separators” for said old lady disease.

5). The last time you went out you went home early because the music was too loud.

6). You buy music.

7). You have a receipt holder.

8). You no longer find use for “the good bra”.

9). You have disposable cameras to develop.

10). 90% of the shorts/pants you own have elastic waistbands.

11). Lying by the pool is your most intensive form of exercise.

12). You’ve started saving grocery store flyers for their coupons (even the stores you don’t go to).

13). Shopping at Forever 21 is awkward.

14). You opt for the comfy shoes every time.

2 responses to “14 Signs You Are Prematurely Aging

  1. If you don’t take care of your feet… It will also age you fast… Nice article:)

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